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The Booster Club consists of people like yourself… residents, merchants, business owners and just about anyone who wants to get involved and make a positive difference in our community. The Booster Club members and its Board of Directors are very proud of their accomplishments and invite you to join them in making this important program even more successful.

Over the years the Booster Club has provided funds for the special equipment needs of the Reserves and Volunteers on Patrol such as Thomas Guides, rechargeable flashlights, equipment bags, hats, jackets and even saddle bags for the Mounted Posse. Through Booster donations, the Disaster Communication Service has been able to buy radios and electronic equipment used during emergencies and in 2005 a much needed portable generator. A complete amateur television camera and transmitter give DCS the ability to transmit real-time footage as it occurs.

The Booster club has also been able to provide specialized mountaineering equipment and supplies that have been used to support rescue team operations. Items purchased include medical supplies, a paging system service, special rappelling equipment, training supplies and a downed airplane locator device.

We hope you will join us in supporting our Reserves and Volunteers!! To find out who else is a Booster, visit our Booster Member Page.