About The Boosters

The San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Club was established in 1991 to provide a means to raise money for the needs of auxiliary personnel and volunteers who work at the San Dimas Sheriff’s Station. These personnel consist of Uniform Reserves, Mounted Posse, the San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team, Disaster Communications Service, Law Enforcement Explorers and Civilian Volunteers.

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Providing Services to the City of San Dimas and More

The Sheriff’s Reserve personnel and volunteers provide services in the City of San Dimas, the unincorporated areas of Azusa, Claremont, Covina, Glendora, La Verne, Pomona and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Money is raised through fund-raisers such as our San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Car Show in July. Funds are used to purchase equipment, supplies and to provide specialized training and education. As a side note, virtually all of the funding for these programs is through the efforts of the San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Club… neither the Sheriff’s Department or the County of Los Angeles provide a budget for these services. The San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Club intends on continuing the proud tradition of meeting the needs of the volunteer/reserve program at the San Dimas Station.

San Dimas Reserve Deputy Sheriffs

The San Dimas Station Reserve Deputy Sheriffs are volunteer Deputy Sheriffs who perform the same work as paid deputy sheriffs. When not in their sheriff’s uniforms, they are your neighbors, friends, co-workers and possibly that person who sits next to you in church each weekend. They come from all walks in life and volunteer their time to fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time deputy sheriffs.

Each reserve deputy attends the Department’s training academy and receives the required training as mandated by the State of California. The training is very similar to that of a regular deputy.

The San Dimas Reserve Company has 9 members. Each member is expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per month. They helped augment law enforcement supervision at a variety of community events. Reserve deputies are also instrumental in providing a significant amount of extra patrol in the San Gabriel Mountains during the busy Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July holiday weekends.

San Dimas Reserve Deputies do it all. Part-time deputy, full-time hero!

The San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team (SDMRT)

The SDMRT has served communities along the eastern edge of the San Gabriel Valley since 1955. The Team’s response area encompasses approximately 367 square miles of the rugged San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles National Forest. Each year, the Team responds to approximately 100 special operations that are not routinely handled by regular uniform personnel from the San Dimas Station. The SDMRT handles a variety of emergency callouts 24 hours a day. Some are for lost, injured, or overdue hikers, vehicles that have gone over the sides of the mountain roads, swift water rescues, fire evacuations, and other emergency requests for assistance, both in and outside of Los Angeles County. The team also performs various preventative search and rescue training presentations for the local community. Currently, the SDMRT has 29 volunteer team members who come from a vast array of full-time occupations and professions.

Each year, the SDMRT has a recruiting campaign to bolster their ranks on the all-volunteer team.

Station Volunteer Program: San Dimas Station

Our Civilian Volunteer Program consists of 28 volunteers who are local community residents, teachers, business owners, military retired and law enforcement retired. They dedicate daily, weekly, and monthly hours to serve the communities they live in for free. After completing a 5–6-week volunteer academy, through the sheriff’s department, they are committed to personal and community safety. Wearing their volunteer uniforms proudly assisting all station staff, department staff, and city staff throughout the year.

With vacation patrol checks, traffic control, business safety, fire watch, community events, station events, department events and community engagement.

When asked, “Why do you want to become a sheriff volunteer,” We often get, “I want to be more involved in city in which I live in, OR I want to dedicate my time in supporting our local law enforcement and help out as much as I can.” Our station volunteers give so much time to our department and community without any expectations of return in money or acknowledgment. Our station is honored and thankful for our volunteers that do so much with so little in return.

Explorer Program: Post 80 – San Dimas Station

Our post consists of 18 young adults also known as explorers. There ages range from 16 to 21, in conjunction with school, sports, and work. Our explorers are all volunteers giving their time for free to give back to the community and Sheriff’s Department. They attend a 14-week academy, once they pass and earn their uniform, they return to their station dedicating hours of service which also offers help with adding to their experience on their resumes. The post has a Deputy Coordinator and three advisors who commit to mentoring them and guiding them to find a dedicated career and help them get where they need to get in life. Our post currently holds the only title of having 2 explorers who are also active Military Army Reserves. Once the explorer ages out of the program, they are on the road for success on a career and life plan. With help from their station mentors, our explorers have become amazing adults which shape our future in the world.

San Dimas Sheriff’s Mounted Posse

The San Dimas Sheriff’s Mounted Posse is made up of reserve deputy sheriffs and civilian volunteers and currently has 16 members.

Each member must supply his or her own horse and trailer, as well as the requisite tack. The rider and the horse must successfully pass various proficiency tests and complete mandated training before being eligible to deploy and ride with the mounted posse.

The mounted posse patrols the rural areas of San Dimas like Walnut Creek, Marshall Canyon, Bonelli Park and the backcountry areas in the San Gabriel Mountains. Members of the posse are also subject to being called out in emergencies to help search for missing and lost persons in any of the rural areas throughout Los Angeles County. During the holidays, they can frequently be seen on patrol at the various shopping centers to help deter vehicle burglaries and other crimes.


A Message From Captain Walid "Ash" Ashrafnia

San Dimas Sheriff’s Station’s team of volunteers comprises an invaluable group of citizens who assist the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with challenging tasks and responsibilities. The hearty devotion of these volunteers and the work done by them, whether an Explorer, Deputy Sheriff Reserve, Volunteer on Patrol (VOP), Station Volunteer, Disaster Communication Services Radio Operator (DCS), Mountain Rescue Team member, or rider with the San Dimas Posse, are precious resources that bridge the gap between community needs and public service.

San Dimas Station Volunteers donate their time and energy to the community, create strong partnerships, and bring new skills and expertise to the San Dimas Sheriff’s public safety efforts. Our volunteers expect no compensation except for the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to make the community a better place to live and work. San Dimas Station Volunteers fulfill a civic responsibility and give back in ways that provide for a safer community.

Our volunteers play a significant role in the service we provide to the communities we serve and are vital in the success of San Dimas Sheriff’s Station.

The San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Club members and its Board of Directors are very proud of their accomplishments and invite you to join them in making this important program even more successful.

Over the years the San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster Club has provided funds for the special equipment needs of the Reserves and Volunteers on Patrol such as Thomas Guides, rechargeable flashlights, equipment bags, hats, jackets and even saddle bags for the Mounted Posse. Through Booster donations, the Disaster Communication Service has been able to buy radios and electronic equipment used during emergencies and in 2005 a much needed portable generator. A complete amateur television camera and transmitter give DCS the ability to transmit real-time footage as it occurs.

The San Dimas Sheriff’s Booster club has also been able to provide specialized mountaineering equipment and supplies that have been used to support rescue team operations. Items purchased include medical supplies, a paging system service, special rappelling equipment, training supplies and a downed airplane locator device.

We hope you will join us in supporting our Reserves and Volunteers

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