San Dimas Reserve Deputy Sheriffs

Apr 4, 2020 | News

The Reserve Deputies at the San Dimas Sheriff’s Station continue to do it all. These part-time deputies help staff vacant positions at the station and assist when there are special events, fires, and those instances when extra help is needed.

While the pandemic significantly curtailed many of the civic functions in 2020, in 2021 many of the activities routinely handled by the reserves bounced back. During 2021, the ten volunteer deputies assigned to the San Dimas Sheriff’s Station worked nearly 4600 hours assisting the full-time personnel at the station. With current shortages and the occasional full-time personnel having to quarantine with Covid issues, the reserves stepped up and filled critical vacancies in all the patrol jurisdictions. And when an occasional civic event took place, the reserves were there to step up and fully staff these special assignments allowing them to take place.

Sheriff at carnival

In addition to the various special activities, the reserve deputies also assisted in the detective bureau, staffed the mobile shooting range, and provided extra patrol in the San Gabriel Mountains during the various holiday weekends when thousands of extra people camp out for extended stays

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